Babylon Pink (1979) v. Kramer vs. Kramer (1979)

Babylon Pink

U.S.A. | 1979

Directed by Henri Pachard


Samantha Fox

Arcadia Lake

Vanessa Del Rio

Color | 77 Minutes | XXX

Format: DVD (R1 - NTSC | 2-disc set)

...that unrelenting desire to release those inner longings that are universal and timeless...

Much ink has been spilled about Raging Bull losing out to the Mary Tyler Moore Show for best picture back in 1981 but few people are aware that the table was set for this calamity a year earlier. In 1980, the Academy saw fit to vote Kramer vs. Kramer over Francis Ford Coppola’s Vietnam triptych Apocalypse Now for best picture, but the real tragedy was overlooking by far the year’s most interesting and challenging "art" film, Babylon Pink. Pink quite possibly marks the high water mark of pre-video-era pornography. It didn’t even receive a nomination.

A straight up comparison of the Oscar-winning Kramer vs. Kramer with the now all-but-forgotten Pink reveals just how wrongheaded the Academy was.

Plot: K vs. K, check - B.P., check Advantage? A tie.

Dialogue: K vs. K, check - B.P., check Advantage? A tie.

Hottie Housewife Star Power: K vs. K, Meryl Streep – B.P., Vanessa Del Rio Advantage +++++ B.P.

Hot Sex: K vs. K – zilch – B.P. – lots. Advantage ++++ B.P.

IMDB Plot Keywords: K vs. K - "Nude wearing sunglasses, Battle of the Sexes" - B.P. - "Lesbian Sex, Psycho Sexual, Submission" Advantage +++ B.P.

Clearly, Babylon Pink was shafted by the Academy and it’s puritan membership. This is a film in desperate need of exposure to modern audiences.

I give Kramer vs. Kramer – 0 Boners and Babylon Pink - 4.65 inches of diamond-cutting carnal excitement, although truth be told, I’ve only seen the first 11 minutes of the later. It appears to be about hot chicks getting boned by blonde guys whereas Kramer vs. Kramer is the other 'way round.


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