sEctOrs #2!


wherin Dropkick creates a list based on the best films he spied upon for the duration of 2008 A.D.
Only thou films mentioned herein were created during times prior to that of 2008 A.D.
WOWZA let's kick it

5. Murder Party (2007 Dir. Jeremy Saulnier)
Not much more to say than the review i wrote up earlier this year for our hugely successful Hallowe'en campaign. It's a terrific film and if these guys can kick out some more gems they'll make the Apatow camp run to their mommies. Since no one listens to what i say and the Film Buff is still very much Murder Partyless feast your eyes on one of the better horror gags i've seen in a long time.

4.Mad Detective (2007 Dir. Johnny To)
JOhnny To's latest crime flick is also for my money his best. An old detective who is exceptional at capturing criminals due to a talent he has to actually see people's personalities sounds a bit far fetched but the device is handled with such care and thoughtfulness. It's used more as a point of reference for various characters' inner turmoils. All around terrific picture.

3.Band of Outsiders (1964 Dir. Jean-Luc Godard)
The Madison. My god, the madison scene in this flick is the essence of cool. My personal favourite of Jean Luc Godard's work, and yes that does mean i like this more than Breathless. I know what you're thinking "ces't impossible!" but it is true. Find me a film closer to poetry in motion than this picture and i'll do your homework for a week.

2.Blast of Silence (1961 Dir. Allen Baron)
You want noir? Oh this film will give you noir. So much noir you won't know what to do with all the extra booze, cigarettes, dames and bullets. What makes Blast of Silence stand out more than just any other film noir is how well the characters (mostly the protagonist) are written. The story is as tough as nails and our main character is too, only this film shows what is really underneath all the grit and harshness. We find out our hero, a hit man, is a flawed lonesome person. When he sits at the bar drinking and smoking it isn't what he really wants. He wants to not be alone but he's afraid of people, people seeing the real him. People not accepting him. A masterpiece of the genre without the themes of personal identity but with it this becomes something really special. Perfection.

1.Army of Shadows (1969 Dir. Jean-Pierre Melville)
This was the first year i watched any Jean-Pierre Melville films and he's quickly becoming one of my favourite directors of all time. Even though i've yet to see all the director has to offer i'm going to go out on a limb and call this his best work. Mainly because if i see a film better than this one anytime soon i think my head will explode.

Stay tuned!
still to come worst of 2008 and beyond, instore soundtrax, best burrito at Chino Locos. YESSS!


the coelacanth said...

1 - newsflash: apatow camp isn't funny at all anymore. just suffered through over 100 minutes of pineapple express, and the only moment that raised more than a forced smile was the scene where james franco bust into the barn and in slo-mo points his gun at rosie perez' corrupt cop and says "fuck the police" and then starts firing then goes all me at paintball and loses control and starts shooting the ceiling.

2 - band of outsiders is also, by far, my favourite godard. oh, and it's "c'est". oh, and i wiiiiish i still had homework, cause i'd definitely call you on that challenge. since i've nothing to gain, though, i'll let it go (for now).

3 - best burrito at locos? the sweeeet; cheese, noodles, no red onions or sour cream, level three spicy. boooom!

the coelacanth said...

i like your posts.