Wendy and Lucy (2008)

A quiet and resonant film. A film that is not recommended viewing for those in states of extreme emotional vulnerability. A film that makes your body tremble as you marvel at the human capacity for giving and selflessness, especially in hard times. A film that shares the same feel as director Kelly Reichardt's previous film, the soulful Old Joy, to which Wendy and Lucy is very much a companion piece. A film that offers a deceptively simple portrait of America that is both timeless and timely. A film that is at once austere, beautiful, and meaningful. A film that features Larry Fessenden. A film that is absolutely recommended.


Anonymous said...

A film that robbed you of your ability to compose a complete sentence.

La Sporgenza said...


One lonely comment and it's that one.

That's gotta sting.

Dropkick said...

waiting in antcipation for the sequel:
and then the final chapter to complete the trilogy:
Wendy And Lucy: The Return.

and then the one off kids straight to dvd flick
Lucy On The Run