An American coop more like.

Loose change has been an unprecedented internet phenomenon since it's initial release in the wake of 9/11 and I've seen it now 4 or 5 times in it's various versions. This version of Loose Change tagged :An American Coup is the first properly distributed DVD version and it has received a significant face lift, nay... a complete re-hash. With the clear injection of some cash, Loose Change has lost it's iMovie captioning and righteous student voice-over and is now masquerading as a genuine investigative documentary. The earlier versions of Loose Change were pretty patchy and actually contradicted it's own arguments at points. This new version is much more streamlined and in it's search for credibility has lost a the rebellious feel and shock factor of the original. It swerves all over the place, throughout history and throughout the world in the most far fetched of ways to add weight to it's claims. Frankly, it's a massive crock of shit. The logic is flawed at every turn, blind eyes are turned on glaring errors and sweeping claims are made based upon the most vague and inconclusive evidence.
For instance, one key scientific 'expert' glosses over his claim to have found "evidence of incendiaries in samples from the rubble" and leaves it at that. Of course upon a bit of follow-up reading the 'evidence' he has is the presence of Sulphur in dust collected at ground zero. The Sulphur he claims is evidence of Thermite, an extremely high temperature burning incendiary capable of melting steel. Truth be told, traces of sulphur can be found in common dry wall and office ceiling tiles. What is initially persuasive and shocking falls apart with just a little thought and to be honest you can't help but feel anyone that really looks into this can't truly believe in it. Just a bunch of hacks exploiting a paranoia, and if you think of it like that it's all a bit offensive.
This version of Loose Change is certainly it's cash spinning death rattle, only to be played back to back with Moon Landing conspiracy nonsense on cable TV for eternity. As a bit of tongue in cheek entertainment go ahead, but this is certainly our generations definitive example of how misleading documentary film can be.

You wouldn't usually let these guys convince you of ANYTHING would you? Don't believe the tripe.

Also see Zeitgeist, Screw Loose Change (Debunking Loose Change re-edit), and Conspiracy? a fun series we've got in at the east end.


La Sporgenza said...

Apollo, the ancient Greek God of (among other things) illusions makes for an appropriate name for the faked moon landings. The entire hoax was foreseen in the prophecies of Fatima and is contained in the secret 3rd text of her visions. Just as President Roosevelt knew of the Pearl Harbor attacks well in advance of the actual advance, information was processed in late August 2001 at the FDR Center for Covert Activities (CCA), at the CIA headquarters at Langley. Coincidence?... hardly. This was simply another in a series of moves by the Protocols of the Elders of Zion to achieve world domination. Princess Diana knew and therefore needed to be silenced. Ditto for the Kennedy's, Malcolm X and Dr. Luther. Diana was born on the same day as the Roswell UFO incident and a confused man resembling Jack Kennedy reappeared on the USS Eldridge at the Philadelphia Naval shipyard on October 28, 1943 20 years to the day the Lee Harvey Oswald met with Jack Ruby a month before Kennedy was assassinated.

It all connects, boys... it all connects.

Britarded said...

Don't forget the lizard people.