We're all a bit of a dick, it's the human condition.

We just got this British series in at the East End and it's the best new thing I've seen in quite a while. Not sure how it fell under my radar at first to be honest but I'm glad It found me. It's the perfect antidote to hacky catchphrase comedy or anything filmed in front of a live studio audience.
Steve Coogans previous serieseseses based on his Alan Partridge character are already considered classic British comedy by most and paved his way to a few decent movie roles including his turn as Tony Wilson in the excellent 24 hour party people and most recently Hamlet 2.
This 2 season box set showcases his latest incarnation as Tommy Saxondale, a 50 year old ex roadie come pest controller struggling with his own brimming temper. The tonal scope of this is impressive and the character is so well drawn you really don't know if it's okay to love him. Tommy is wickedly cynical, aggressive, confrontational yet he speaks in a way which I think we all secretly wish we could, frankly and honestly.
Each episode is punctuated with repeated motif scenes which give Coogan parameters to exploit. They're consistently hilarious. Here's Tommy at anger management class:

I have a new hero.

and yes, I said 'tonal scope'. Tom


the coelacanth said...

it's dr. lucien sanchez!!! oh dear, i think i'm going to like this... thank god jules' dad brought it back to the store! it must be an incredibly long series if he needed 6 weeks to get through it...

La Sporgenza said...

Fuck me... Jules' dad has our copy from the FBW too! This is bullshit. I'm just going to have to order another copy.