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Bruce MacDonalds' latest picture, Pontypool, is a unique take on the zombie horror genre. Even though Bruce MacDonald himself says that this film does not feature zombies, no, he insists this film in fact features hordes of "conversationalists".

Now when i say hordes, i really mean horde singular. See this is a zombie flick (i don't care what Bruce says, hordes of unresponsive human beings trying to eat other responsive human beings? dem's called zombies) that doesn't really feature all that many zombies, nor does it have that much gore. Which makes it all the better when the film shows you the goods.

Pontypool is set in the small town of Pontypool, Ontario, on a seemingly uneventful winter morning. We follow our protagonist, disgruntled morning radio host Grant Mazzy, as he reports on the weather and the news from the city's only radio station. With him are his assistant Laurel Ann and producer Sydney Briar, the film follows the three as the days events unfold.

Besides the opening shot of Mazzy on his drive over to the station, the entire film unfolds within the small space of the radio station. The film draws us in as we find ourselves anticipating the eventual zombie outbreak. Within that time MacDonald gives us some up close and personal time with the characters. When the shit finally hits the fan we genuinely care for the characters which makes the impact of the film that much stronger.

What made the film stick out in my mind was that the most disturbing scenes i remember from the film were not actually in the film at all. Since the films events are completely contained within the radio station which is isolated from the horror outside, the only information were given of the dire events transpiring is that of towns people calling into the radio station. These eye witness accounts paint vivid pictures in your imagination that i personally found to be more horrifying than actually getting to see what was being described.

The one thing that completely sets this film apart from your run of the mill zombie story is that what is infecting the greater population isn't some viral outbreak from monkeys. Nor has the dead risen to eat the brains of the living. Here it is actual language that is infecting people. Hidden within the English language is a certain string of words that, once heard, infects you. The infected have a hard time expressing themselves, as they can only repeat words that they've heard last. They repeat words as a sort of way of trying to get out the infected words. To repeat language so much until it stops making sense. Well, i don't want to give too much away but really interesting stuff, and the idea is fleshed out enough to be believable.

This one will be coming out in a few weeks and i recommend it, as a great Canadaian picture and a unique take on zombies. It's hard to really recommend this for horror buffs as the use of ones own imagination to dream up the gore rather than seeing it on screen can be discouraging for some. I have to say that immediately after viewing i wasn't too ecstatic about it but, i've watched three films since seeing Pontypool and i can't get the flick out of my head.

Oh, and i must mention that Stephen McHattie as Grant Mazzy is fantastic. A solid performance from a great perfomer, if you've seen his work in The Fountain then you know what i mean. Solid all around and you'll have his voice stuck in your head for days.

alright kids, until next time this is Dropkick dropping out.
and remember, Sydney Briar is alive Sydney Briar is alive Sydney Briar is alive Sydney Briar is alive Sydney Briar is alive Sydney Briar is alive Sydney Briar is alive Sydney Briar is alive Sydney Briar is alive....


the coelacanth said...

bruce mcdonald sneak previewed the trailer for this many months ago before the first screening of the tracey fragments, and i was enthralled. i'm kicking myself for missing this on numerous occasions at the cinema, but am greatly anticipating the july dvd release.

oh, and i've been to pontypool.

La Sporgenza said...

Excellent post and a film that I now wanna see. I think I've been to Pontypool too. BTW who's Sydney?

Dropkick said...

gotta watch the film to know!

La Sporgenza said...

Just mentioned to Kris, I watched the latest Jesse Stone installment last night and McHattie was a guest star. Excellent too. Why is Kadas always just ahead of me on these things when I'm obviously so much smarter and mature? That's a rhetorical question btw.... no answer required or desired.

Anonymous said...

Too bad producer Jeffrey Coghlan is a fraud artist ripping people off for money. My opinion...this tarnishes this and anything else he puts his name on. Hopefully the director and other producers check out this website:
Let's support Canadian artists, not Canadian criminals.

Anonymous said...

Jeffery Coghlan is still at it, keeping an entire crew working on Free Enterprise 2 for a month this July, then stiffing them all for their work and talking a walk with the cash.

But he's doing it in the States now, avoiding outstanding judgements against him in Canada..

Anonymous said...

Jeffrey Coghlan was spotted in Hollywood in Jan 2011 if anyone is still looking for him.

Anonymous said...

I just won a judgment against Jeffrey Coghlan for wages & penalties due to me for a film I worked on for 3 weeks this past summer. Funding was promised, but never delivered, and none of the crew was paid.

If anyone knows where JC is, I'd love to find him to collect my judgment of roughly $9,800.

Toronto Police Service said...

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Anonymous said...

I am currently trying to get in touch with Jeffrey Coghlan.
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d510 said...

Jeffery Coghlan now has a warrant for his arrest.To everyone he defrauded.Justice will be served!

Anonymous said...

Where is the warrant from? Do you know what the charges are and whether or not he has been served?

Anonymous said...

The charges are for writing NSF checks.He has been served.The warrant is from New Orleans, LA.I was one of his many people he screwed over.

Anonymous said...

Jeffrey Coghlan is at it again...What a surprise! He set up a bogus corporation through a company in Florida.A lawyer is also on the hunt for him.He owes this company $900.00.Such a Con Artist!

Det. Phil Chung said...

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Anonymous said...

He's in Ann Arbor, Michigan casting for a movie if anyone is looking for him.

Anonymous said...

How do you know this?

Anonymous said...

He is currently in Los Angeles. I have his personal contact information if anyone needs it. I am owed money as well. Let's work together to get what we are owed.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, I have some information as well. Where can I email you?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Is anyone still looking for him?