I'll get a Bottl'er bloo ther buddy eh? Right on. Buddy. Eh.

On the shelf this coming Tuesday, The American brew is a pleasant and thorough celebration of beer culture and history in North America. It's enlightening and fun and goes well with a warm flagon of your local mash. Clearly released to coincide with the ongoing renaissance of beer in North America, this one will rent well and satisfy anyone who's interested. Not likely to turn your Chardonnay sipping mother-in-law into a growler guzzling curmudgeon, but just about as interesting as a made-for-tv doc can get for us, the converted masses. Sit back, feet up and get educated on the cold stuff. The extras are good too.


the coelacanth said...

watching it tonight.

Britarded said...

Yr gonna love it the most. It pretty much shows you how to homebrew. Soooo tempted.