Maman est chez le coiffeur, Léa Pool (2008)

I must be honest and say that I rented this mostly to practice my French—perhaps I had seen an interesting review of it somewhere. The FBW just got a nice little collection of Quebecois films, and I thought I would give one a go, though I have been disappointed in the past by le cinéma de la belle province. This, however, was fantastic. Such a gentle little thing, really captured the melancholy, surreal feelings of childhood. That kind of odd awareness of moments that are to be cause for future nostalgia. Anticipatory nostalgia. Fucking sad too. Certainly a far better film than the majority of new French stuff I’ve seen in the last few years--that goes for Europe too.


La Sporgenza said...

I could tell instantly that this was a post from someone other than the usual suspects. With unusual things like appropriate grammar, accurate spelling, punctuation and capitalizing the first word in each sentence peppering the post, I thought ....hold on, is there a westender here?


the coelacanth said...

good one, graham! i'll have to check this out now. not ususally a huge fan of quebecois cinema, but this one looks like it's up my alley. thanks for finally posting - more please!