shave and a haircut - Sweeney Todd - a Kuicker Kristerview

Just checked out Sweeney Todd which is coming home to roast on dvd come April Fool's. Gotta say this is the best thing Burton has done in ten years, hands down. It's the best film he's directed since Ed Wood. Now I'm not big on Burton, i feel his goth sheik style is contrived and too polished to evoke any real art out of what he does. That being said he does put out more interesting big budget tittles than most.

I do have to give him his dues, Beetlejuice is an amazing concept and was an addictive slice of cinema to me when i was a wee film buff as well as Edward Scissorhands. Batman kicked off the comic book movie craze, though that's a mixed blessing. His crown jewel to me would have to be The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Lately though, films like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Corpse Bride, and Big Fish have been mediocre at best.

While Planet of the Apes should... just ... be... gone.

So going into Sweeney i wasn't expecting much. What i got was a well done musical that i completely fell for and i mean completely. The cast is top notch, they all got great pipes to boot. Really works with the cast using their own voices. Who hasn't wanted to see Alan Rickman duet with Johnny Depp? As for Johnny, he shows he's not here because Burton is completely in love with him but that he can sing with the best of them and really gives us a great Todd. Although at times he sounded very Bowie to me, which i dug. but ya know, probably not everyone's cup o' tea.

Speaking of peoples cups of tea this film is very much a musical. Actual dialogue is conveyed completely through song. If you don't dig musicals steer clear from this one. You will however be missing out on a very good and gory musical. Up to you and how you like your tea. I like mine just fine.

This is just fun, entertaining cinema. It's complete popcorn. and yes, oh so cool. I recommend checking this one out if you're the kind of person who likes films like Oldboy, but on the other end of the spectrum you secretly really love Grease.


La Sporgenza said...

I love greasy Old Boys, Kris. Does that count? Was going to pass on this but you've got me intrigued.

the coelacanth said...

"coming home to roast"
"goth sheik"

= absolutely priceless. i guess you weren't lying when you told me you were drunk when you wrote this....

the coelacanth said...

i just finished watching this (months later) and thoroughly enjoyed it as well. at first i wasn't convinced (hate musicals), but i quickly got into it, and thought it was very engaging and well done. i think i was in the minority in liking big fish, but i agree that this is one of burton's best in years...