Politist, adj. .. "it's like a toothbrush without toothpaste, right?"

At the Royal I got to treasure the experience of the movie Police, Adjective. Yes, it's a little slow if you talk to anyone about it, but as my accomplice AJ pointed out, "it's just played out in real time". Fully agreed! The dialogue (the script must have been 5 pages long) was beautiful and most of the time damn funny! The end scene is about 20 minutes long and it's astounding how intense it is as it's one continuous locked-off shot. I can imagine screwing that scene up several times only to start all over again and again. I will admit that for the most part I wasn't in the mood to watch the film but afterwards, couldn't stop trying to sing this...

Best Romanian song EVER! Also my fave scene. Enjoy!!!

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Looking forward to this one