Picking up months later on Kris's Gran Torino take, I settled down to watch Clint's latest project tonight, a little uncertain of what to expect. Eastwood has been playing around with his iconic persona since Unforgiven and Gran Torino seems like an extension of this exercise. I'm not sure I agree that this is Eastwood acting in top form. I think he was better in Million Dollar Baby but he presents a solid enough lead here to build a competent story around.

I found Gran Torino similar to Unforgiven in more than few ways. This is a film that closes out the Dirty Harry character in the same way that Unforgiven bookended his man-with-no-name western hero. A minor complaint might be that the film suffers by piling it on a bit thick during Walt's overcoming prejudice transformation, but all in all it was a pretty entertaining film. One part buddy picture, one part redemption flick and one part vigilante film, Eastwood manages to pull together the right bits of each.

I thought it interesting that the final scene was fashioned after a particularly classic Dirty Harry moment. I half expected Eastwood to growl, “Do you feel lucky punk? Well do ya?” What really happens is very well constructed and not just a little surprising. Not bad for somebody who turned 79 last week.


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Dropkick said...

i thought it a great way to go out for the man.

at the same time, i'm not familiar with all the man's work.
so there's that.

still completely entertaining.

the acting alone by everyone else in the picture, except Clint, acts as the comic relief for the mounting tension.