Transporter Trois!

Ya, sorry about the Synecdoche, New York post a couple of days ago. In retrospect it was a little like discussing the possibility of there being infinite palindromic primes in base 10 with a crew of grade 3 math camp attendees.

In an effort to correct this oversight, I offer last night's Transporter 3 review below.

It...like, rocked. Jason Statham returns as Frank Martin, the intrepid Euro-pizza delivery man with a black Audi 8 series V12 supercar and a hot Ukrainian model/kidnapped tart to take to Budapest and then Bucharest. He kicks ass in a new strip-fighting technique (Jules!), beds the girl (Dropkick!), chases a bad guy on a trick bicycle (Joe!) utters low growly Britisms (Tom!), kills/dispatches all the bad guys and saves the day....oh ya, and goes fishing..... twice.

It's directed by a guy named Olivier Megaton (no shit).

I mean really, possibly the FBE film of the year?

A distinct possibility. I hope you went deep Joe.



the coelacanth said...

got one.

Britarded said...

Never was into palindromic primes, boring.

La Sporgenza said...

ONE!!!!!! - Are you out of your mind? What if Jules' dad takes it on Tuesday? I would have got at least 2, but it's your store. Whatever.....

Tom - I beg to differ. In base 10 they just sing. I mean they're not as engaging as convex polytopes or as hilarious as Tutte's nowhere-zero flows or anything but boring...?

I think not.

Dropkick said...

I'm surprised the first person to rent it was not Jules.
Even he was pretty pissed about that.
Ah well, his much anticipated take on this gamen of a film will have to wait.