"Only two things are infinite, the Universe and human stupidity... and I'm not sure about the former"
- Albert Einstein

Having flinched at the 12569th time a vaguely domesticated primate has clumsily expressed some sort of desire for an "eXpressobuddy" I'm inclined to agree. All I can do to stop from lashing out is systematically douse the fire inside with a good hour of deep 'George Carlin therapy'. I have found doses of Bill Hicks, Bill Maher, David Cross or Doug Stanhope equally as effective. Somehow I am not alone, somehow the world is not so big and empty. And it's a lot cheaper than my alternate 10 part Mill St meditations.

Having learned some basic Polish (Apparently "Toorah goolak offies" means "Two regular coffees") I have sought to enlighten myself further by understanding what stupidity really is. For some reason, working 2 shifts a week with Niki really isn't enough, I'm a glutton for it.

"History is made by stupid people"
- I don't know who said that but well.... it wasn't Martin Luther King.

This doc argues the point that "Stupidity has become a new trend" and analyzes the definition of stupidity, intelligence and the concept of an artificial stupidity used in the media from Jackass to Adam Sandler as some sort of escape from Vogon poetry. It's decent but not mindblowing, watch if you are stupid/curious.
Also see other politically charged yet ultimately benign docs: The Union: The business behind getting high, Super High me, or the much more accomplished Religulous.


Chandles said...

actually laughed out loud at "Toorah goolak offies"

Britarded said...

I don't know how this got labelled as 'scott' but I can see me at 3am after a wedding disco and ten heines as having comparable 'attitudes'. Enjoy the Polish fest westenders!

the coelacanth said...

sorry, mot, that label error was me. scott never labels his posts and i always go in and do it for him - this wasn't labeled either and even though i knew it was by you, i still labelled it as such due to said mental blockage and similar vitriolic bile being spilled forth. i'll have to remember that there are two of you now...