Dropkick gets chickened and broccolied by Crank 2

Crank 2 is not only harder, better and faster than its predecessor but its also one of the funnest cinematic experiences I've yet to have in a theater.
If you're unfamiliar with the first Crank then beware, this films opening sequence is the ending of the previous film. There's no back story given, or is the viewer given time to be placed into some kind of context. The film is just extending the experience of its previous incarnation.
When we last saw Chev Chelios (Jason Statham) he had fallen out of a helicopter while fighting the villain Verona. After disposing of Verona (while still falling i might add) what happens next is the apparent death of our hero, who lands on a car and then finally the final shot of him dead in the street.
This films opening shot is what happens right after that.. as if anything could happen after that.
The first Crank was steeped in some kind of realism. In some weird way it's somewhat believable, but with this one they do away with trying to maintain any sort of realism and give us the most implausible sequel of all time.
Within that freedom writers/directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor give themselves room to explore how far and out of control today's action film can go.
This is A.D.D. film making pushed to its maximum, you're constantly thrown into new scenarios and fight outs without catching your breath from the last 10 minutes or so.
The first half of the film actually had my heart racing from just watching the pure spectacle of it all.
Definitely not for everyone, were talking high body counts with shoot outs that are edited with shots of T & A to match for the gore and violence. Giving you a sense of perversion in the enjoyment of the whole thing.
It's a self aware, silly, loud as heck film that knows how to pull its punches (or in this case when to not) if need be.
Some of my favourite little touches included a theme song that played whenever our hero (Chev Chelios) was on screen, and during one particular shoot out we find him shooting baddies with his shotgun while whistling the very same theme.
Also, a fist to fist fight that promises to be so epic in anticipation that when we finally get there the players turn into oversized marionettes of themselves fighting over a cardboard city a la Godzilla style.
Just too much fun, and most definitely worth the rental when it hits the shelves within the month.
Goodnight my little princes of Persia, my Kings of Leon



the coelacanth said...

hahaha it's chev chelios. chris chelios was a hockey player on the red wings.

Worsenfunk said...

Was? That guy is still playing at age 50.

the coelacanth said...


Britarded said...

I watched the first crank a couple of weeks ago on Kris's recommendation, then Punisher:War Zone on Joe's recommendation. I am no longer taking recommendations.

For some reason though... I'll probably end up watching crank 2 at some point. I can't even explain why. It's like.. "That's it.. no more ice cream for me........ wait did you say WATERMELON sherbet?"

Dropkick said...

haha fuck, it is Chev, damn

order the burritos now, im on my way joe

La Sporgenza said...

At the risk of upping 5 comments to 6, the Kris(t)child gets all this feedback for fucking Crank 2 and Joe and I get jack for our life's rich tapestry entries?

This is bullshit. I'm finding a new blog.


(spelling in honour of Kadas's "Foutain" comment from a day or two ago).

Dropkick said...

scott, you're an ass

La Sporgenza said...

touche! - that is true my fine Colombian co-worker. It's why you love me.