SeCToRS #1

2009 is SECTORS

here's a few lists i've made up looking at different sectors of 2008
lists are fun to read but writing them is a whole different kind of sensation

TOP 5 Films seen in 2008 that were constructed in 2008:

5. Speed Racer
I really enjoyed this. People were so frustratingly angry about how bad this film was that when i finally got around to watching it, i was so surprised that it made me love it. Just plain fun, and like i've said before "AMAZE INDUCING". Great addition to the futuristic racing genre sector of film.

4. The Incredible Hulk
I dug this movie a lot, and think it got everything right in terms of comic book adaptation. It was heavy on the action, light on the drama, and creamy in the sector of comedy. It was a self aware film that wasn't trying to take itself seriously. I enjoyed this one more than Iron Man. Robert Downey JR. is terrific but you got him in this too. so whatever.

Incredibly impressive. See this is the perfect example between what makes most of North American films shit, and most European films amazing. There is a film coming out later this year in North America called My Name Is Bruce starring everyones favorite B-actor Bruce Campbell. The story is about a small town that is fending off this ancient samurai demon but they need help so they send word to Bruce Campbell, the actor, using the logic that he has fought demons as Ash in the Evil Dead films. Early reviews say this film is absolute crap and the trailer makes me nauseous. Brucie plays himself as a loathsome clown and it looks like it's loaded with cliches. What a waste of an opportunity.
Now look what the French do, they take Jean-Claude and play with our ideas of him now. The ideas of him being a wash up and a hack actor. We follow him around making films in Hollywood that he despises but needs the money to support his daughter whom him and his ex wife are having a custody battle over. He decides to return to his hometown and start over, find some worth in his life. He continues his fight for his daughter in the courts and is asked by his lawyer to wire him money by noon one day or to have the case be closed... well basically.. what happens is incredible. i don't want to give anything away. Great stuff, look out for a 5 to 10 minute scene of JCVD talking to you the viewer, breaking the fourth wall and baring his soul. He cries and you find yourself breaking up too. Strange what a good actor he is, Time Cop never had none of that. Check it out.

2. The Dark Knight
This film was suppose to be another batman flick. It was suppose to be just another comic book movie. It was suppose to entertain you and throw alot of flash in your eyes but guess what happened. It decided to show up to prom stag, spiked your punch and take your date home. This is genre bending filmmaking. It's a thriller that is genuinely thrilling, every frame has your heart beating. You leave the film feeling a bit violated, a bit melancholy. You feel on edge, films like this should be praised. Even if it's killing itself with its own hyperbole. This isn't titanic, this is a film worthy of the hype. The surface of which we haven't even begun to scratch, i would start with the cinematography sector.

1. Synecdoche, New York
What can i say? One of the most beautiful films i've ever had the pleasure of seeing. I don't think i'd be able to articulate how beautiful i felt this film was, and what it meant to me. Charlie Kaufman, the writer and first time director said when asked about mixed reviews the film was getting "there are no good or bad reactions, it's whatever you take from the film. That is the right reaction". Do yourself a favour and see this one as soon as possible.

Honorable mentions to Martyrs (which i really enjoyed but until that film gets a proper release date i thought i'd save it for next year) and Who's Nailin' Pailin?

Stay tuned for more sectors! such as, worst of 2008, films i've seen in 2008 but were constructed at another time, and soundtracks:the best of the music played at the buff.. and the worst. yessss.


the coelacanth said...

cream in his cream in his cream cream in his pants pants pants hair plugs...those hair plugs..hair plugs...cream in his hairplugs...

the coelacanth said...

trisomie 21

Dropkick said...

great post dropkick.
lists are fun to read and at times can be construed as a judge of character.
even though i feel you must have seen better overall films in 2008 that were from that year, i feel this is fun, and funny.
S,NY however was a great film.
but better than The Fountain? that remains to be seen.

the coelacanth said...

it's just kadas being kadas...

Dropkick said...

kadas ON kadas

Chandles said...

kadas ON kadas = the stuff of my dreams