3 films.

Life is not perfect and sometimes it is important to acknowledge those things in life that we don't like. Of course when I say 'life' I actually mean 'film' and when I say 'acknowledge' I actually mean 'watch'. Now read that again and keep up.
Recently, In an effort to be less dismissive whilst also coming under pressure from certain unnamed coercive forces with tits, I have stepped out of my comfort zone and seen some films without guns, spaceships or cars and I can honestly say it wasn't all that bad. It really didn't change my opinion a lot but it did however give me things to recommend to soppy yuppie couples with dogs and old dears who just fancy a good old tearjerker (that's 87% of our customer base covered).

Also, it is worth noting I watched these films so it means that YOU don't have to. I dived onto the landmine.

The Notebook has a sleeve which is physically repellent to me, it is a photo of a couple gloriously embracing in the rain. I hate what is generally considered 'romance' in movies and so should you. It turns out it's a good movie with a fairly classy love story at the centre of it and it's all good looking too. If that's what does it for you or even if not, you could do worse. Yes it's fairly predictable and sickly at times but it is bareable and even rewarding in some ways. Still. Load of shit. Recommend it to people you don't like, they will love it.

Marley and Me came in on DVD a week or so ago and I acquired a digital copy from the garbage (it says 'NOT FOR RENTAL' on it and yes I am making excuses for owning a copy of this). I actually thought this was going to be some sort of Babe the pig travesty but it was more of a Turner and Hooch buddy movie kind of thing with a Jennifer Aniston sweetener. Not all bad but kind of redundant, a good family movie for dog lovers. Fetch bitches.

Finally I watched Ghost Town which stars Ricky Gervais as a grumpy anti-social dentist who has a near death experience (well, he dies for seven minutes) during a routine colonoscopy, afterwards he finds he can see ghosts. Once you get over the hard to swallow set up, this film gets quite playful and has some really funny scenes. I'm a huge Gervais fan and he's getting a bit better at serious acting aswell as simply being the funniest conversationalist speaker since Steve Coogan. It's basically pretty good, I'm spent.

On another note I just watched The Wrestler and it serves to demonstrate the real provocative power of film. Given this perspective all of the above is just fluff, entertainment. But sometimes that's all we want and for some people that's all they ever want. Try remember that next time someone asks for a romantic comedy and you give them Irreversible.


the coelacanth said...

i liked the notebook. sort of. no, really...

hey buddy, got any buddy movies, buddy?

i'm never gonna live that irreversible recommendation down, am i?

La Sporgenza said...

In a desperate act of mental self-preservation, I have sworn off several genres for the immediate term. On the top of that list are RomCom's and Comic Book fare. As I blow through my middle years, I keep having the same recurring (and terrifying) thought;

I'm on my death bed, reflecting back on my life and I realize far too late that I've seen The Notebook, but not Raging Bull. I can accept having seen neither (which is the case to this point) or both, but that lost 2 hours will haunt me into my grave if I get the order wrong. (or cack half way through The Notebook with Raging Bull on deck).

Also, skip Marley and Me and watch the original, Cujo. It's about a big crazy dog that makes everyone insane too..... with rabies!

jenny-pants said...

I'm just remembering a couple of teenaged girls renting Cannibal Holocaust because someone had mistakenly placed it on the new release wall in the West end.
The horrified looks on their faces when they came back to switch the movie about half and hour later, were priceless.
Perhaps Joe should have recommended they replace it with I Stand Alone?

Mr. Scratch said...

the best thing about this post is that "Marley and Me" gets more type time(?) than "The Wrestler". Which is funny because unlike the other movies written about, it is actually a brilliant film.

Britarded said...


Notebook "Load of shit", Marley and Me "a good family movie for dog lovers",
Ghost Town "basically pretty good" The Wrestler - "it serves to demonstrate the real provocative power of film. Given this perspective all of the above is just fluff"

Really, Marley and Me and The Wrestler should never be mentioned in the same breath. Regardless, keep your eyes peeled for the forthcoming opus "Slumdog Vs Beverly Hills Chihuahua"