This is little piece of insight is specifically for Joey who LITERALLY swam across the crowd at the Bloor Cinema to wish me happy viewings (he says he was dancing, but who knows). We went to view Persepolis, the 2007 animated release from the Directors Vincent Paronnaud and Marjane Satrapi. I could say it was aesthetically pleasing and go into some long rendition of cinematic critique, but truly, it was just an astonishing film. The connection to the main character Marji that everyone ended up having was humerous, hurtful and loving. As she takes you throughout both Iran and Vienna, distraut sinks in as she is searching for a home, a lover and her family. The war breaks her apart from her childhood and her roots and we further delve into this crazy world. The entire performance was perfect for an animated film. Animation is hard to mold into a serious film, but Persepolis was taken seriously, as if told through living actors and actresses. If you missed it, sorry you lucked out, but at least you didn't miss out on the broken heaters and Atonement that started projection half way through the best sequence in Persepolis...I won't tell you which one.
Check it!
Niki Diamonds.


the coelacanth said...

FINALLLLLY!!!! ms. diamonds comes correct with a dope review. i liked persepolis too, and your write-up is a wonderful summation of the film. more please!
p.s. - i was dancing.

La Sporgenza said...

Good review Niki. It's good to have some fresh "perse"pectives and not have to listen to Corndog drone on and on about the latest Bolivian horror masterpiece he saw. S