It's beginning to Look a lot like Hallowe'en 2, Part 16 - Zombieland (2009)

Zombieland is a film that doesn't pretend to be something it's not. Whatever ads you may have come across for the picture are an honest depiction of what the film is all about. That's right, just by looking at the poster whatever idea of a film you can muster up from that image is probably pretty close to what you get from Zombieland. It's a helium filled action horror comedy that leaves your brain in those empty moments between end scene and credit scrawl.

All the same it's hard to deny the charm of Zombieland, for all its brain dead qualities it doesn't attempt to do anything but entertain you. Whether or not the film accomplishes this depends completely on the viewer. I know some horror buffs who scoffed at this film before and after viewing, and rightfully so. Zombieland is the kind of cinematic experience that should be enjoyed without any expectations. Had i expected to be scared i would have been let down, as the film delivers minimal scares but then again i don't understand why anyone would expect to be scared by a film called "Zombieland".
The film begins amidst a zombie outbreak, the why or how of the hysteria is never fully explained nor does it has to be. This isn't that kind of zombie flick, the zombies here stand for nothing more than flesh bags waiting to meet the end of a sawn-off shotgun. The protagonist here played by Jesse Eisenberg is, oddly enough, playing a redux of his character in Adventureland. Actually, pretending that this film is Adventureland's genre u-turn sequel makes the film all the more entertaining. Eisenberg plays Columbus, a kid from (you guessed it) Columbus traveling across the states to get back to his hometown due to lack of a better idea. On his journey he meets a hummer driving, shotgun wielding, zombie killer extraordinaire Tallahasse (guess where he's from) played perfectly by Woody Harrelson. Together they travel across the country eventually being joined by Wichita (played by the gorgeous Emma Stone) and Little Rock (great turn by Little Miss Sunshine star Abigail Breslin).
One part road movie, one part buddy flick, one part shoot em' up, and two parts zombie survival picture the film moves at an enjoyable pace through its short run time leaving you entertained. I however did feel an urge to consume brains whilst leaving the cinema to curb by hunger for some smarts but all in all quite a fun ride. What made the film for me was an amazing cameo that most definitely is the centerpiece of the film, for those who don't know who it is do yourself a favour and make sure you keep it that way until you see it. For those who had the surprise ruined for them punch the person who told you in the gut for me.

Definitely worth checking out, not one that begs to be seen on the big screen but one that begs to be seen with others.


the coelacanth said...

siiiiiiick - can't wait to see this, should try to get to it while it's still in theatres...nice enticing write-up manzzzz

Britarded said...

I like pictures, manzzzz

La Sporgenza said...

I have no explanation for this but I really hate Woody Harrelson.

Maybe it's the vegan thing.

the coelacanth said...

definitely the vegan thing. what a sign of weakness...