Drag Me to the Theatre Next Time.

Wow. I know I'm very late to the party and can't add much to the already excellent review one of you dudes posted back when it ran theatrically, but holy shit, Drag Me to Hell just rocks. What a movie!

Scary, funny, well shot, well acted, great direction, outstanding ending and completely engaging all 'round.

Top notch.



Dropkick said...

damn straight

the coelacanth said...


Britarded said...

I was heavily recommending this to anyone looking for a scary movie last night but no one was biting. I must be a shabby salesman, one couple even totally changed their mind and took The Bourne Identity instead. I managed to put them off a whole genre in just two minutes of gushing about Drag me to hell. Word will travel though and it's just in time for Halloween of course.