Deathrow Gameshow (1987)

Welcome to 'Live or Die', the wildly popular TV game show where death row inmates are given a second chance as contestants in the game where freedom is at stake and live executions are the booby prize.

I'm a big fan of the whole 'death game' premise, mixing a sci-fi aesthetic with a lampooning of the media ticks all the boxes for my acne ridden demographic. It's a niche loosely populated by a swathe of favourites from Japans take on Lord of the flies Battle Royale, Schwarzennegers golden era staple The Running Man and the chronically cheap Roger Corman cult classic Death Race 2000 amongst many others.

This whole premise begs of ethical dilemmas and current day analogy. However,
Death Row Game-show hails from the same B-movie school of schooling as Death Race 2000. It's crass, sexist, sensationalist and gratuitous. It's not really here to be critiqued, rather washed down with a toofer of Lakeport and a grab bag of cheetos, buddy.

The simple plot clumsily zig zags along lubricated with distasteful one-liners, Kenny G bass licks and excessive use of Ray Bans. There are boobs and chuckles a plenty and the whole thing looks like a Devo video.

Tantalising highlights include 'the dance of the seven boners' performed live on stage to an audience of one; A poor old geezer with his eyes clamped open and his jebend in some sort of electrocution device. One twitch from him and it's all over! Also, the Lust Vs Hunger dilemma! Will the prisoner released after 15 years of solitary confinement choose to eat the roast chicken or be drawn to the beautiful girl? Ofcourse, he just shags the chicken. Golden.

Well, you get the idea. Best not to take this one too seriously, enjoy with impaired friends at 6am.


the coelacanth said...

this sounds dope. where did you get it?

Britarded said...

It's at the west-end bundled on a double bill with some wack William Shatness called 'Kidnapping of A president, oooh yeah you'll love it.

La Sporgenza said...

See my post tonight. It's entirely likely I just stole this out of an FBE order box and didn't tell you.