Moscow, Belgium (2008) - Van Rompaey

I was impressed with the preview of this one a few months back, and I grabbed it as soon as I could from the FBW. I was not disappointed as it turned out to be a charming little film. A really touching, sincere and messy love story. Nothing mind-blowing, but there is something impressive about a romantic comedy that doesn't send me into a spiral of dread and despair. I'm not really decided on whether it's a good date movie. At the very least, you could turn to your partner at just about any point in the film and say "at least I'm not as bad as these assholes." That might score you some points.

It is an unfortunately rare experience to see a picture (trying to bring that word back) about real, realistically fucked-up people. Europe seems to do a better job of this. Woody Allen used to be able to do it, but alas, no more. I think the best recent American film to capture this human realism was The Squid and the Whale, which is a delight and not unlike Moscow, Belgium.

Watch it, it'll do you right.

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