Team FBE Thrilled to Break $100 Mark on Cafe.

TORONTO In a surprise result, Team FBE shocked onlookers and naysayers by reaching the $100 mark in ice cream sales last week, eclipsing their previous record of $97.15. Team Captain Josey Reed was quick with her demands of team management for new training facilities and better uniforms. "I think we've proven today that with the proper equipment and a modest level of commitment from the team ownership that we can break the $125 point by 2014." she said. July Pelt added that she could barely fit into the ridiculously tight green shorts and they caused extensive chaffing. Asked for her input on reaching the new milestone, longtime Team FBE anchor Krissy Kadcaine was quickly interupted by rising star Tilly Roche, who pushed in front of Kadcaine saying, "I think it's high time Team FBE's management started listening to our demands. Josey, July and me are bloody well fed up." Rumours have recently swirled around Roche's questionable eligibility for league play, but those reports are currently unsubstantiated. As Kadcaide was about to add her thoughts, Team Captain Reed chimed in and ended the news conference suggesting, "I think we're done here." and with that turned off the microphone and left the stage with Pelt and Roche in tow. Alone on the stage, Kadcaine was about to respond to inquiries about her recent call up to the 1st Division FW United when the studio was plunged into darkness before she could speak. When contacted for comment about the aggresive demands from its minor league members, team ownership seemed unaware that Team FBE was part of their farm system. "I'll have to check with accounting, but it's not ringing any bells" said FW United President Sporge El Hefe, adding "Quite frankly, we tend to concentrate our attention on FW United, but it's entirely possible that this Team FBE is one of ours." 

Reuters News Service     

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the coelacanth said...

if tilly and july actually wore that, i wouldn't be so quick to leave at the end of the day...

bring on 2014, BABY!!!!!