The Toronto Underground Cinema opens tonight!

This city deserves a better class of cinema and Alex Woodside, Charlie Lawton, and Nigel Agnew are gonna give it to them. These three cinephiles open a new repertory cinema tonight with a FREE double screening of Clue and Big Trouble In Little China, two cult b-movie faves that are guaranteed to provide a fantastic night out at the movies.
The Theater is located half a block north of Queen at 186 Spadina. The movies begin at 7pm and the doors open at 6pm. Seeing these two movies on film in a 700 seat theater that is sure to be at capacity with fellow Toronto film lovers is going to be quite the experience.

If the last few weeks are any indication this theater is setting itself up to be a cut above anything this city has seen in terms of the movie theater experience. As i have spent much time in the theater myself over the past few weeks helping gear up for the opening I can say that it's a space that oozes love of film. The fact that the theater is actually underground and hard to locate it becomes a cult-like location on its own. With one of the most beautiful and biggest theaters i've seen in the city it has promise to become something of a treasure in Toronto. Whether or not the general public will be receptive to a new cinema specializing in avant-garde, foreign, rare, b-movie, cult, and second run films is still to be seen but if the immense amount of media attention the three managers of garnered themselves over the last month is any indication then The T.U.C. will be making a big splash. Within a couple of days The T.U.C.'s Facebook page had over 1,000 fans now it has 5,000. The three managers have been featured on many blogs and news websites around the city, newspapers, and even on the radio. If that's not enough, director Kevin Smith and film critic legend Roger Ebert have given their blessings for the cinema over Twitter.

Over the next few months the three managers have big plans for the cinema promising amazing events featuring guest directors and special film festivals. I have caught rumors of such events and even though nothing is yet confirmed let me tell you, that these events will host some truly memorable moments for any lover of film.

Tonight marks the beginning of something new for film lovers in Toronto, something they have been waiting for. Don't miss the chance to be apart of that magic.

My hats off to you Alex, Charlie, and Nigel.... make me proud...... proud.


the coelacanth said...

so excited for tonight. i'll be at both screenings (assuming i can get in - heading there at 5 directly after work). the first night of many, many more spent in the glorious cinema. congrats to the boys., and all the best. see you soon.

the coelacanth said...

had a great time last night! clue didn't quite hold up as well as i'd hoped (last time i saw it i was 13 or 14), but big trouble was more amazing than ever! one of my fave flicks, i've seen this film about half a dozen times now and this was on par with the first time i saw it. seeing it with a knowing, raucous audience in a beautiful cinema is where it's at. thanks for a great night t.u.c., the first of many. mucho props to kris, kendall and all the volunteers who gave freely of their time to help get the show on the road and allowed the hundreds in attendance to enjoy two fun films. great work, all!