Midnight Madness 2010: That's a Wrap!

At the risk of trying your MM bloggage patience, Kris and I have one more post about the fest until next year.  Thank you all for reading - the films were almost as much fun to write about as they were to watch.  Well, some of them.  Anyway, quickly, here's my ranking, from first to worst, of the films we saw:

1: Stake Land
2: Fubar 2
3: Super
3: Red Nights
3: Bunraku
6: The Butcher, The Chef, and the Swordsman
7: The Ward
8: Vanishing on 7th Street
9: Fire of Conscience
10: Insidious

And a special mention must go to The Legend of Beaver Dam, the short which preceded Fubar 2.  Tons of fun.  And a three way tie for third! I really just couldn't pick which of these three should have been in the three spot, which in the fourth, and which in the fifth, so I did the next best thing: COP-OUT!  1-6 are all certainly worth watching, and films I hope to see again, whether theatrically or on DVD; 7 I'll probably watch again on DVD, maybe, if in the right mood; and 8-10 I hope to never have to soil my eyes with ever again.

Well, we barely survived (again), and I certainly wouldn't have if not for Kris' support and love.  And his forcing me to get the Fessenden pic.  Until next time, "Filter in, filter in", "EMMA? EMMA?", "Hopping Mad, please".  I can't wait until Midnight Madness 2011..

-the coelacanth


It's been about a week since TIFF and Joe and I's endurance run through Midnight Madness ended and I'm just started to feel sane again.
Doesn't mean it wasn't an absolute blast. This years TIFF was a dizzying journey that I can't wait to repeat next year with my partner in crime.

Personal TIFF 2010 highlights: "It's not warm!", Ron Pearlman, a pile of rocks I almost rode into on Dundas St., Larry Fessenden, Liv Tyler, Sasha Grey DJing at The Drake Hotel, C'est What's Bison Burger, "Filter in! Filter in!", booing at the Cadillac ad before every film and finally, the free black gum we received in line for Super.

Of course, it wouldn't be a film festival without the films! So, here's how I rank 2010's Midnight Madness program.

1: Stake Land - "... I prayed, I prayed to God to save me. When they finally came for my blood, I gave it to them willingly and was rewarded for my sacrifice..."

2: The Legend of Beaver Dam - "Who's afraid of Stumpy Sam, the one-armed ghost of Beaver Dam?"

3: Fubar 2 - "...hump dumpers on lube tube."

4: Super - "Touched by the tip, of the tip, of God's finger."

5: Bunraku - "I'm the product of a fucked up generation"

6: Red Nights - "You really are quite pretty..."

7: The Butcher, The Chef and The Swordsman - "I'm dead!"

8: The Ward - "What happened to Alice?"

9: Fire of Conscience - "I was born in the year of the dragon. Dragons are in luck this year."

10: Vanishing on 7th Street - "The only thing that has kept me alive the past 3 days is my will to exist."

11: Insidious - "Dalton has gone to a place... a place I call... 'the further'."

There you have it. Another year, another midnight madness accomplished.

Thank you to everyone who followed our reviews. To Scott for helping us out with that last review and egging us on through the whole run. To Geddes for selecting some absolute gems this year. To my partner Joe, without you... there would be no way. To Sasha Grey for smiling at me. And finally, thank you secret washrooms at the Ryerson theater... you made my festival.



La Sporgenza said...

Nice job guys - a little editing to put your best-of lists in the same format notwithstanding. It would seem that the MM program is one of the better (and growing in stature each year) standouts at TIFF. Good to have our intrepid Team Dropslaw covering it so thoroughly.

Much enjoyed all the posts but wondered how this year's slate compared to past programs.

- oh and 'slaw.... I saw your tweet about going on "ANOTHER rant" and have duly noted it in your performance review file. Dropkick was doing so well recently, but broke a shelf in the FBW this weekend claiming "shortness" was to blame. Also duly noted.

the coelacanth said...

hahaha i put that in just to see if you actually read those. you do. good. also, review format changed for clarity.