Film Buff Soundtracks: Last week of Feb. 09

Overheard in the Film Buff East this past week and most of the past month was Animal Collectives' newest Lp; Merriweather Post Pavilion

This is the Baltimore avant-garde troupe's ninth album to date. The love this release has been getting reminds me of the buzz they got when their break out record Sung Tungs was released. This isn't a new break through record for the group, this is still very much an Animal Collective record. Every song plays as if three songs were playing over each other at the same time, each one containing their own unique hooks and addictive melodies. Blended together it can sound crude, rash, or just palin like noise.
With the proper ear, however, one can sift through the collage of overlaps and really get the beauty all these different elements make when whole.
The four piece was cut down to three for this release as the lead guitarist , Deakin, took time off from the group for personal reasons.
This led the remaining three to write songs that weren't heavy on guitar. Instead they turned to samplers and other electronic doohickies to compose the album.
The result is a record with barely any of the psych folk songs the band is known for.
The album is rawer and more ethereal than anything they've done.
Whereas when listening to past records i felt like walking with the animals and finding my spirit animal with this release i feel like traveling the universe and finding new species to run the galaxies with.
if there's one album you don't download and actually purchase this month, let this one be it.

Yeah the record kinda makes me feel like this video.



the coelacanth said...

can we play this on sat? i hated when that cover was the desktop wallpaper.

the coelacanth said...

i also just plain like noise.