"Love me till I'm dead"...

Hey pals, hope all is well in Film Buff land. I miss you all terribly of course...
I promise I'll write something more detailed in the future, but to start off, I'll just share this:


Cassavetes' forray into musical drama?
Nope, just a heartbreaking dream sequence...

Does anyone know where can I get my hands on this movie besides Amazon France?!
I must see it in its entirety.
That is all.

<3 jenny g.


the coelacanth said...

i'm afraid it's only amazon france for now (though sporge probably has a burn).

stop referencing mart, it's making you sick.

thanks for FINNAAAALLLLLY postin'. please, more.

jenny-pants said...

that's mr. sophistication little joey. the classiest of all mens.
70's strippers with underboob can't even steal HIS thunder.

La Sporgenza said...

Of course I have this. Next time you're in town drop an email and I'll bring it for you.

jenny-pants said...

Oh La Sporgenz, I just KNEW you'd deliver the straight goods!
Hope you're doing well!