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Limited entries on the blog of late, what with the World Cup and summer in full swing, but I thought a quick review on a couple of recent flicks might be worth a shot.

From 1962 comes an interesting film called Le combat dans l'île and starring Romy Schneider and Jean-Louis Trintignant. I'm not going to spend a lot of time on this one because I realize a marginal Nouvelle Vague film from a virtually unknown film maker won't likely make it's way home to any of your DVD players. It's actually a pretty decent film, a meditation on right and left wing politics playing out in a love triangle between two childhood friends and the woman they both love. Worth a look for those who have exhausted Bresson, Renoir and Becker's catalog and are looking for something in a similar vein..... which isn't this crowd to be sure.

I tuned in and then out of the Hughes Brothers Book of Eli with Denzel. For whatever reason, I just didn't buy into the original conceit here and found myself comparing Eli to every other post-apocalyptic movie I've seen. This one's 1 part Mad Max, and 1 part dry Waterworld and 2 parts who-gives-a-shit. Nice cinematography, dull movie.

HBO's new series Hung is a modest success, mostly the result of another excellent turn by Thomas Jane but the series strikes a bit of a one-note dead zone by about episode 6. I'll post in greater length on this one later....ha ha.

The 3rd season of Burn Notice is worth a look. A couple of top-notch episodes are peppered in amongst a few mediocre ones.

I've should watch The Road and Green Zone, but can't seem to find the interest.


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