This life celebrates its 23rd birthday.  Congratulations on a job...done.


Dropkick said...

Kris's Top 5 Julesisms of all time (so far)..

5. "Samurai duels were the UFC fights of their day."

4. "I think i would go far in the navy because if was asked to bomb a city i would do it no problem... I have loose morals."

3. "No... my brother and i are fraternal twins, not maternal."

2. Costumer - "Is the Maple Walnut hard?"
Jules slaps the ice cream with his bare hand - "uh yeah... it's pretty hard."

1. Jules comes into work glassy eyed and limping. Kris asks "Long night?"
Jules - "Yeah it was great... sex with multiple partners."

Withnail said...

That is unbelievable.

the coelacanth said...

look at those glorious DSLs...

the coelacanth said...

my favourite:
Customer: "Hi, where is your Quentin Tarantino section?"
JP: "Tarantino never actually made any movies."
Customer: "[blink. blink.]"
TR: "Never mind, I'll show you where it is..."

[a few minutes later]

TR: "Jules what were you thinking!?!"
JP: "Oh man, the whole time I was thinking of Al Pacino."

the coelacanth said...

and let's never forget "Night M. Shamalam".

Withnail said...

Al Pacino did make movies. That makes it even funnier.

Niki Diamonds said...

I still enjoyed getting an over-enthusiastic hug for a home-made Melville shirt... mad intense!

La Sporgenza said...

Jules suggested to me the other day that he could stay until March 2011 because the Navy didn't need him until then. In response to that bit of news, I'm going to slap Reed very hard the next time I see him.

.....very hard.