Take Notice.

Uncertain of what I felt like watching tonight, I grabbed the first disk of Burn Notice Season 1 tonight because I thought Guy Pearce was in it. He's not, it's just a dude that looks like him. The pleasant surprise however is even without Pearce, Burn Notice is a blast. It's light without being too fluffy, sports a terrific cast including the always excellent Bruce Campbell (ignoring My Name is Bruce) in a funny supporting role and has wall-to-wall hotties. There's a tad too much stuttering camera nonsense in the cross-fades but notwithstanding this minor complaint, Burn Notice is a surprisingly engaging show. The pilot sets up the longer story arc – a spy gets burned (fired for those unfamiliar with the dark world of espionage) and wakes up in Miami under FBI surveillance, broke and with only a handful of assets (friends). He can't leave and doesn't know who burned him. The individual episodes are built around finding work that suits our burn victim's unique talents and kill set. It's 2 parts Rockford Files, 1 part Jason Bourne with a sprinkle of MacGyver meets Miami Vice and very addictive. Recommended.



Dropkick said...

Bruce Campbell!
hot dog i may just check this one out!

the coelacanth said...

i was gonna pass on this based on the somewhat generic looking box, but it sounds like a hell of a fun time. will have to give it a look now. thanks again for doin' the (in this case, not-so-)dirty work, sporgey.