New this week at the FBE! (June 16/09)

Critter Quest - look closer...Kris laughed, but I actually want to watch this.
Fidel Castro: Lider Maximo - or, "How to be a Hipster-friendly Revolutionary for Dummies". 48 whole minutes dedicated to the life of Castro.
Castle Ghosts of the British Isles - oooooohhhhoooooohhh
Necessities of Life - Atanarjuat-esque Quebecois/Inuit co-production
Bergman Island - Criterion-issued interview compilation with the Swedish director. As you'd expect, it's a barrel of laughs.
Let's Make Money
Diary of Anne Frank (50th anniversary reissue)
His Name Was Jason: 30 Years of Friday the 13th - 30 years of Friday the 13th
Friday the 13th - Michael Bay-produced, Marcus "I don't have an original boner in my body" Nispel-directed "reboot" of the series. Well, it can't get much worse than Freddy vs Jason...
Napoleon Collection (includes Napoleon's Obsession: The Quest for Egypt, Napoleon's Lost Fleet, The Napoleon Murder Mystery)
Last Year at Marienbad - Resnais/Robbe-Grillet classic gets the Criterion treatment (also on Blu-Ray).
Time Warp season 1 - trip the super slo-mo light fantastic.
Snow Angels - American art-cinema wunderkind David Gordon Green's latest. Colour me interested (if only for the director)...
Hansel & Gretel - dark adult Korean fantastic fairytale from the beautiful people at Montreal's Evokative Films.

And some new and notable Blu-Ray releases:
Fletch - listen to the amazing theme song playing in the shop while you browse
Dr. Strangelove


La Sporgenza said...

Does it strike anyone else as odd that The Diary of Anne Frank is 50 years old and the first Friday The 13th is 30? Only 20 years separates these two films and yet they seem light years apart and from completely different eras. To put it in perspective, that's the same duration as between "Die Hard" and "Live Free or Die Hard".

Over at the FBW we got the Critters thing.

La Sporgenza said...

OH yes and I'm changing my handle to Lider Maximo too.