New This Week at the FBE (June 23/09)

Wow, BIG week:

Iron Maiden: Flight 666 - Sam Dunn (with Scott McFadyen) follows up his previous two forays into documenting the rise of metal with an insightful look into what is arguably the world's best-known metal group. You might even see the director browsing in the FBW.
Wallander season 1 - Kenneth Branagh's take on the original Swedish detective series.
Murdoch Mysteries season 1 - science and crime-solving cross paths in this mystery show set in the late 19th c.
What's Up, Tiger Lily? - One of Woody's wackier ones gets a non-upgraded re-release.
Legend of the Bog - It's got dreamy Nora-Jane Noone, so automatically gets a pass in my book.
My Dinner With Andre - Finally back in print thanks to Criterion?!? Inconceivable!

And showing up on Blu-Ray:
The Seventh Seal - prequel to The Secret of Roan Inish gets a beautiful Blu-Ray package.

And, as usual, all the big new releases are here too.

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