Do You Know Harvey?

Last Wednesday, a phone call came in to the FBE from Linda Matarasso, who was interested in shooting a scene or two for her in-progress doc about Harvey Lalonde, Toronto's film fest volunteer extraordinaire. I gave her the green light to shoot on Saturday, and Kris got to meet the gang as I was away sleeping on a forest floor and struggling to start a fire without any kindling in the pitch black. ANYWAY! Linda and Harvey came into the shop on Saturday morning and chatted with Kris, got an ice cream, then got to work. The yet-to-be-named doc sounds really intriguing, and ties in with my previous post on film festivals in the city. Follow Linda's progress on the film (including her day at the Buff) at her blog You Know Harvey, and do yourself a favour and check out the dreamy photo of Kris. Give it a look and throw some support at a super cool doc.

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Linda Matarasso said...

Thanks Joe. I hope to get to meet you in person sometime soon. I love the names of the ice cream flavours and we had a great time filming in the store and as it turns out Kris did know Harvey already. Hope you get to see the finished film very soon.