Found this little gem on Rochester's Tech blog http://www.tomstechblog.com/post/Amateur-analysis-from-supposed-experts.aspx

Interesting reading.....


Hi. I'm Tom from TomsTechBlog.com. Here at TomsTechBlog.com, We strive to answer your questions about technology so you can be happier.

Last week we talked about making a standard DVD player into a magic box that will play everything from vintage Mexican 78rpm Mariachi records to warped 12” Panasonic Laserdiscs to 8-tracks. That was easy. Today we're going to talk about turning your bicycle into a robot bicycle! All you'll need is a bike and some scotch tape.

First you take your bike apart and make a robot out of the spare parts. I know how to do this because I did it in England, twice!. I'm also a media technology graduate and have a bike that I've named Benjamin so I've definitely got a leg up on you there. The hardest part will be building the gyro-slant balancing unit. I used my front fender, a rear reflector and part of the chain to make mine. It worked perfectly – just like it did back in England where it's legal for me to work. You might want to get one of these if you're not a technology graduate like me. http://www.robotshop.ca/arduino-lilypad-accelerometer.html


Step one.... locate your bike. Here it is!

Step two.... take it apart

Step three...rebuild it to look like this - a proper UK robot bike!

(Alternate Step three..... or this!)

Friends, you shouldn't be afraid of technology. I'm not! If you don't know something – just make it up! That's what I do.




the coelacanth said...

the bike in step 2 is a beauty.

the coelacanth said...

hahaha this post makes me laugh and laugh and laugh again. much like the tim curry pic.

Britarded said...

complete blogshit!