Midnight Madness 2009 : Jennifer's Body is going to be rad, the New York Times told me so; Kris and I will either confirm or deny this with our live(ish) coverage of TIFF's Midnight Madness

So TIFF is rapidly approaching, and Kris and I have both purchased passes to the Midnight Madness program, which means that for 10 days in a row (9 for me - I'll have to miss George Romero's latest on Saturday to go to some stupid wedding) we'll be entering some sleazy, dimly lit den at midnight only to be spat out into the weird, dirty streets 2 hours later, delirious and dazed, elated and exhausted, our eyes still blinking and sore from the assault of unholy images.

First up is tomorrow night's screening of the highly anticipated Megan Fox/Diablo Cody juggernaut about a girl gone wild, Jennifer's Body.

Friday has the awesome looking Daybreakers, a film about the world 10 years hence where vampires rule and humans are the minority, starring Ethan Hawke, Sam Neill (swoon), and Willem Dafoe.

On Saturday, Kris and, uh, maybe Kendall(?) will check George Romero's newest, Survival of the Dead.  Have fun, ya dicks.

Sunday holds perhaps the most anticipated film for me, the deranged Aussie date flick (how fitting), The Loved Ones.

Monday is the boobs, bullets 'n bombs post-lobotomy Bitch Slap.  That's a movie, by the way.

I'm also super excited for Tuesday's feature, the sequel to 2007's awesome [REC], imaginatively titled [REC] 2.

Solomon Kane is Wednesdays' offering, coming from the mind of the same guy that created Conan, and directed by some pale Brit who hails from the same region as our beloved Mot.

I'm looking forward to Thursday's Symbol, if only because, for me, it holds the biggest bust-or-masterpiece possibility.

Next Friday we'll be treated to the Belgian stop-motion animated feature A Town Called Panic.

And to wrap things up with a tearful goodbye on Saturday the 19th, we get Ong Bak 2: The Beginning, in which we see the formative years of the ass-kickingest Thai kickboxer in the history of everything, ever.

Couple all these screenings with the fact that my erstwhile best friend is going to be visiting from Japan during that period, and my regular work schedule, and you'll forgive me if I seem a little, well, tired.  But excited.  Anyway, follow along here as Kris and I are going to try our best to do shared reviews (not really sure how we'll work out the logistics of that) on each of the films, with perhaps Kendall (or whoever accompanies Kris to Survival of the Dead) chipping in a thought or two.  Buckle up, motherfuckers...

Oh, and to get in the spirit of things, here's an article from The New York Times that talks about Jennifer's Body, the state of modern horror, and girls in the genre.  Boosh.


Chandles said...

yes! saturday! romero! for mee!

Dropkick said...

i'm terrified

BYN said...

why do you hate my life joey? you're uninvited! go to your damn movie already and stop complaining!

Dropkick said...

whoa some Real Talk going down on the blog right now

the coelacanth said...


BYN said...

joey..is you tweakin'?

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