Poster Love

Just perusing one of my more frequently checked blogs, the always intriguing and titillating Popcorn and Sticky Floors (run by TIFF's Midnight Madness programmer extraordinaire Colin Geddes), and was inspired to start snooping around the internets for some cool film posters. I came across some real gems, as you'll see below. Click on the images for high-res glory - I swear you won't get Rickroll'd.

First up we've got a lurid and powerful Spanish-language one sheet for the 1971 Spielberg-helmed made for TV thriller Duel:

Next, we've got the rather beautiful Garden of Eden-inspired original 1922 Swedish poster for cult classic Haxan:

A couple of thought-provoking and striking Polish posters for a pair of Japanese ghost stories, Kwaidan and Onibaba, respectively:

And finally (for now), a Gustav Klimt-inspired poster for the 1970 Italian production of Dorian Gray, run through a psychedelic lens:


La Sporgenza said...

All terrific. Is there a way we could add our favourites without adding a new post on the blogger templet I wonder?

Chandles said...

here's a few I really like


Chandles said...

p.s. sporgey, you are either up way too late, or way too early.