Review pages

Obviously I need to re-phrase the "I need your drafts" post from last week.

Your Xmas bonuses are dependent on me getting them very very soon.

Tom and Niki have provided theirs but as for the rest of you.....


Kendall responded by saying she was too busy watching Up over and over again for 13 days.



the coelacanth said...

your original post (11.03.09) said that you'd need them by the END of november. END (to me at least) means the last day of the month - giving the rest of us non-keeners/procrastinators just over a week to get our precious copy into your hands. some people work better under pressure. chill out, thy will WILL be done.

full disclosure - i have nothing written yet, but i WILL cobble something together before the week is out.

Dropkick said...

i can send you what i got but i don't feel confident about any of it and would rather hold on to it.

La Sporgenza said...

Which part of "If I could get a draft (it doesn't have to be perfect or complete, just to get us started on layout), that'd be helpful." from my 11.20.09 did you not understand?

I don't want the complete reviews just copy for starting LAYOUT purposes.

Send me what you have Kris. I'm also trying to get a sense of which movies are going to end up as recommended so we can order extras if it's necessary.

Less lip and more Bic would be nice too.


Niki Diamonds said...

Does this mean my Christmas bonus will be extra amazing this year (not that it wasn't the 6 years before) ?!

p.s. Lip and Bic do not rhyme but I like the sound of it.

the coelacanth said...

Scatt - is it cool to have my final draft to you by Mon. morn?