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Buff People......

Good response to the proposed format so I think we'll go with it. Go to this page 2009 movies to see the movies we've added this year. It's not 100% accurate and I may have missed a few but it gives us a start point.

A couple of points raised – 1) Is it the year in DVD or the year in film?.... don't think it matters terribly but we are a DVD store so let's err to things on or coming soon to DVD. 2) The titles chosen don't have to be 2009 releases necessarily. Make up a section of titles you saw for the first time and really liked or something along those lines. Again, erring to this year's DVD releases is preferred, but not essential. 3) The proposed sections (top ten, 5 disappointments, etc.) were just rough guidelines. If you want to make up different ones, feel free. Put your personal stamp on your spread, but remember your Mother will want to read it so don't get too carried away.

You have your assignments.... make me proud(er).


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Worsenfunk said...

Deadline being start of december/end of november?