Year End Review Format.....

Buff People.....

I've been bashing around the idea of a two page spread for everyone who wants to contribute to the Year End Review and struck upon the following format as a suggested way to make it consistant. The mag will be the same size as the last one (the bigger format) and I'm picturing a 2 page spread with reviews, pictures, etc for each person. If someone only has time to do a single page, that works too. I'm counting on Joe, Kris, Nick, Kendall, Donna, Tom and myself and hoping for Nikki, Jules, Graham and whoever else wants to throw their two cents worth in.

I've started mine and included some candidates in the sections below. We need them by the end of November.

The Year in Film – your take on 2009 (mini-blurb doesn't have to be long winded)

Top ten (with reviews if you want)

Il Divo
A Christmas Tale
Star Trek
District 9
Drag Me to Hell
MR 73
Let the Right One In
Friends of Eddie Coyle

5 Runners up (without reviews)

Harvard Beats Yale 29-29
Life on Mars
I've Loved You So Long
The Wrestler

5 Guilty Pleasures (with explanation)

The Mentalist S1
The IT Crowd S1
Mighty Boosh S 1
Jesse Stone

5 Disappointments (and why)

True Blood
Brothers Bloom
Inglorious Basterds

5 I'm Looking forward to (and why)

Public Enemies

Best Customer Story (something nice, only if you can think of some example)

Worst Customer Story (why it's hard to love the humans)



the coelacanth said...

so, it's really not the year in film, it's the year in DVD?

how should we get this to you (i.e. will a simple word doc do, and you'll convert to mag format)?

i'll have mine to you by the end of nov.

Chandles said...

I really like the sounds of this format. Very fun and interesting. I will try and have two pages by the end of November but there is a chance it will only be one as I have too much work due the week before to even think.

Dropkick said...

great idea with the format, looking forward to writing this bad boy up