Reviews Needed

Need brief reviews for the following films by the end of this week. Anyone care to assist?

* Antichrist

* Art & Copy

* Art of the Steal

* Baseball: The Tenth Inning

* A Christmas Carol!

* Cold Souls

* Fubar 2

* House of the Devil

* How to Train Your Dragon

* Mother

* Repo Men

* Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage

* September Issue

* White Ribbon

* Wild Hunt


Niki Diamonds said...

I can do a write-up for Art of the Steal, September Issue and Rush!

Worsenfunk said...

I will commit to
Cold Souls
House of the Devil
Repo Men

and Rush if Niki fails to deliver -

the coelacanth said...

Of the ones that haven't already been spoken for, I will commit to (and then probably fail to deliver):

-The Wild Hunt
-HOTD (if Nick fails to deliver)
-and maybe The White Ribbon, but I don't know if I'm smart enough.

Also, feel free to grab/re-edit my or Kris' Fubar 2 review off the blog from our Midnight Madness 2010 daze.

Just for reference, what's a rough word count you're looking for per review?

the coelacanth said...

Aliseyi, by the end of the week? That's ambitious...

La Sporgenza said...

Just veto'd "A Christmas Kendall". Garbage. One down.

Thanks for these kids. That's great. That only leaves Kendall's other cartoon and Art & Copy which I'll do.

Write what you want - a paragraph or a 5000 word Cage Match. Matters not.

Thanks again.


Dropkick said...

i'ma sleep