So where are my reviews people?

No reviews... no party. Nothing yet... nada... claims that I've been forwarded a few but an empty email tray.

Remember when Graham sent his list last year, just after we published?

Wonder what he's doing now?



Niki Diamonds said...

Did you really not get mine? If you don't tell me then I won't know to re-send!

Chandles said...

All my reviews are in, can I still come to your party?

La Sporgenza said...

Of your two picks I veto'd the new A Christmas Carol and now refuse to watch How to Train Your Dragon. If you want it in the mix, climb off whomever's playing "Chad" tonight and write me a review.

Chandles said...

Exams! too busy.

Can I still come to the party?

Britarded said...

A few reasons Revanche is my film of the year coming in a review probably Thurs if not Friday.

paschervente2012 said...

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