New at the FBE These Weeks! (July 14/21)

Got a little tied up consulting my Rosetta stone while reading Justin's posts, so didn't get a chance to post what's new and notable at the FBE this past week. I've combined the releases from last Tuesday and this coming Tuesday, with a break between the two weeks. Not sure who reads these lists, or if they're even useful(?), but it allows me to sneakily contribute to the blog in lieu of actual reviews. Anyway, some real inneresting stuff here:

Midnight Movie - horror film set in a movie theatre - I can't resist.
Callan Set 1 - Edward Woodward builds his detective chops for his visit to Summerisle (anyone? anyone?)
Resolved - debating doc
Grave of the Fireflies - FBE finally gets its own copy of this perpetually borrowed and at long last reissued anti-war anime. Beautiful, sorrowful, powerful stuff.
Bye Bye Monkey - wacky Kongmedy (sorry) from Marco Ferreri
Don't Touch the White Woman - good advice from Marco Ferreri
For All Mankind - Criterion reissue of the Apollo missions doc.
At the Death House Door - fascinating and frightening death penalty doc.
12 - Russian take on 12 Angry Men, less Fonda, more vodka.
Wire in the Blood season 6
Burning the Future - another scarier-than-thou doc about non-renewable energy and how we're all screwed.
Islands in the Stream - George C. Scott does his best Kenny Rogers impression
Plus Tard - newest from Israeli auteurAmos Gitai
World of Suzie Wong - portrait of the artist as an old man

2 or 3 Things I Know About Her - Criterion reissue of a bona fide Godard CLASSIC.
Made in U.S.A - Criterion reissue of a lesser Godard.
Profit Motive and the Whispering Wind - intriguing doc based on Howard Zinn's "A People's History of the United States"
Diaries Notes and Sketches (aka Walden) - Jonas Mekas' compendium of footage from the '60s New York art scene. Massive, in more ways than one.
Visioneers - odd-looking (in the best way) comedy starring that guy from The Hangover.
This American Life season 2 - NPR show makes good, goes to DVD
Cadavres - French-Canadian black comedy
Pontypool - Bruce McDonald's return to form after the incredibly divisive Tracey Fragments.
Moscow, Belgium - Belgian comedy
Hello Goodbye - French comedy
Diamonds - Candian miniseries about the diamond trade.
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Sherlock Holmes, The Beloved Rogue, Tempest - quartet of John Barrymore classics.

And, as usual, all the big new releases.

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I use them to figure out what I forgot to order for the FBW.