New This Week at the FBE! (July 7/09)

-Modern Love - French rom-com
-The Unborn - Gary Oldman sinks to new lows in this PG-13 "horror" film
-Lonely Are the Brave - Kirk Douglas just wasn't made for these times.
-Crips and Bloods: Made in America - Stacey Peralta's look at US gang wars. I prefer blue to red, so I guess I'm a Crip.
-Kath & Kim season 1 - Molly Shannon and smokin' Selma Blair star in this US remake of the hit Aussie comedy series of the same name
-Near Dark - re-release. Forget the current wave of vamp-mania (except for Let the Right One In - don't forget that) and re-visit this absolutely superb vampire action/thriller/romance from the late 80's. In my top 5 vamp films of all time.
-Garrison Keillor: The Man on the Radio in the Red Shoes - American commentator and social critic gets the doc treatment.
-Before Tomorrow - another Quebecois/Inuktitut production. Atanarjuat-redux?
-The Last Horror Film (aka Fanatic)- re-issue, with a great box. Maniac co-stars Joe Spinell and Caroline Munro (hubba-hubba) have fun in this gloriously grimy tribute to their earlier film, Taxi Driver and early-80's New York sleaze.

A few new "acquisitions" from our fine friends at the FBW...
-A Room With a View - more classiness from James Ivory
-It Came From Beneath the Sea - more awesomeness from Ray Harryhausen
-The Bicycle Thief - old Image version to replace our stolen deluxe Criterion edition

And on Blu...

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