It's Beginning to look a lot like Hallowe'en 2, Part 18 - Night Of The Creeps (1986)

Night Of The Creeps was finally released on DVD this past week which meant i finally got to see this B-horror classic.

And my word, what a fantastic piece of film making on display here. NOTC is one big stew of film references and genres. If you put Star Wars, Night of the Living Dead, Plan 9 From Outer Space, The Big Sleep and just about 1000 other inspirations compiled of the most entertaining elements from the history of cinema, stick that all in a blender and what you would get is Night of the Creeps.

A self conscious b-horror with just the right budget (not too high, not too low) that practically had everything i wanted in a movie. The characters are too much fun, from the cigarette smoking hard drinking Detective Ray Cameron (ripped straight out of the pages of Raymond Chandler) to the unibrow wielding frat boy Steve. The music is also phenomenal, no John Hughes inspired 80's soundtrack to be found here, Barry De Vorzon's signature bad ass synthy ambience is all you need. If you're a fan of The Warriors, then you'll really get a kick out of this soundtrack and in turn the film. Something about De Vorzon's music that gives the films he scores this feeling of being all around bad ass and entertaining.

If you haven't seen this, like i had, i urge you (if you're not a pretentious douchenozzle that is) to pick it up. If you're in the mood to be entertained you won't be dissapointed. Fun, funny, and an all around blast!

P.S. why in the hell after so long of residing in VHS purgatory does the dvd release have such hideous cover art!? gah! The vhs covers were so cool and even the bootleg dvd version was way better.

check it, here's the bootleg:

and here's what we get for waiting:

lame... lame... tres lame.


Dropkick said...

god damn, does this blog ever have some serious formatting issues

the coelacanth said...

truly an '80s gem. it's been so long, i've had to rewatch slither a couple times for my fix.

yeah, that cover's a travesty - i wish they had have stuck with the vhs art, but alas, the ubiquitous floating heads strike again!

i'm so pissed - i ordered a copy of this for myself and was really hoping to have it to watch on halloween, but it hasn't even shipped yet! goddamn you, amazon. oh well, i've waited 10 years for the dvd, what's another day or two...

La Sporgenza said...

I thought the formatting thing was just me. I regularly spend an hour writing a post and two hours fucking around trying to get one picture inserted. The "Preview" looks nothing like the final layout and thus defeats the entire intent. Thanks Kris - I thought I was alone on this one.

the coelacanth said...

youz guyz suk @ teh internetz