It's beginning to look ....Part 3 Section 13 Sub-Entry B1.....oh forget it.

I watched Pontypool tonight and loved it. I've got nothing to add to Kadas's excellent review from a few months ago but thought with Halloween coming up, it might have slipped off a few other people's radar too.


…..links to Kris's review.

Most definitely worth a look if you missed it.

One thing..... Only the French would broadcast a warning (in French) and leave the "Do Not Translate This Message" warning until the final sentence.



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the coelacanth said...

thanks for the reminder - i watched pontypool a couple months back on kris' rec. and wasn't let down.

did you catch that totally weird 30 second long post credit sequence? what was that all about? i loved it but i don't understand it at all...