It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Halloween 2, part 9: DEAD BY DAWN

Last night/this morning was the second annual Dusk 'til Dawn Horror Film Fest held at Mrs. and Mr. Coelacanth's cobwebbed cavern.  Another smashing success, though I've still gotta figure out a way to make it to the very end.  I crashed at about 4 and a handful of crepuscular fiends stuck around for one last film, finally clearing out around 5:45, just as the sky began to lighten.  I truly pity those that had to work today.

Thanks so much to all who came over throughout the night:  Emily, Mark, Sophia, Jen R., Katie, Tom, Graham, Nick, Kendall, Kris, Amanda, Joey - YOU guys bring the party.

A sickening, bloody, hilarious lineup of films was slated for this year, and we got through Kill, Baby...Kill!, Murder Party, From Beyond, Basket Case, New Nightmare, and finally, Frankenhooker, whose DVD box bears the encouraging quip from none other than Bill Murray: "If you only see one movie this year it should be Frankenhooker."  Two Henenlotter films in one night?  Insanity!

Thanks again to everyone who came, and especially to Byn, the hostess with the mostest, who kept the films rolling after I had shut my eyes for the night.  Until next year...

Welcome to Hell

The first guest.  Starting them early.  Enjoying Bava's Kill, Baby...Kill!

Pumpkin cupcakes with black icing (looks purple here) - the cause of much humour and sustenance throughout the night.

Da Couch Crew

No shirt, black teeth, photobomb

Enthralled by From Beyond

A cheery group


Crazy as a fox

Pizza's here!  Oh fick, there's meat on it?  Sorry for the mistake, Mot...

Well-timed food delivery.  Joey loves it, Kris is nonplussed.

Delirium sets in...

Say goodnight.


Niki Diamonds said...

Haha. It does look like Bill! I got very excited!

Dropkick said...

What does DGJL mean?

Britarded said...

I thought it must mean Douchebag Ginger Jebend Licker but apparently it's Drunk Gainer Jude Law. Of course Joe ran off to bed as usual before he lost control. Pussy.

Dropkick said...

damn i was way off with Dark Green Jack-o-Laterns... hmmph