Year End Review

Buff People...

I've gone over the releases to date in 2009 and assembled a list of those titles that might be worthy of including in the year end flyer. I've posted it on the website at this address and wondered if a few of you could glance over it and advance any missing titles.


As we talked about earlier, I'm thinking a brief description of each title (which I can write) and then an essay of sorts about the year in film, favourites, etc. from anyone interested in offering there take on the year in film.




Dropkick said...

so no reviews then? just an essay of how we felt about 2009 in film?

La Sporgenza said...

I'm not sure Kris. I think we devote a two page spread to each person who wants to and we do whatever we want - reviews, guilty pleasures, the industry, etc. etc.

Chandles said...

I think doing the review like this might be interesting to us, but I'm not sure it has as much value to the customers. I think they quite like receiving some reviews, suggestions of the top films of the year, our picks, etc. So many people came in with the anniversary edition asking about films they had read the reviews for. I think the people who actually utalize the review mags would having actual reviews.

La Sporgenza said...

I'm not saying that we don't do reviews just that we include a longer list of films with shorter descriptions. I say we all do 10 reviews (with as little overlap as we can) and assemble a list of our fav's. We each do a 2 or 3 page spread *except me, I get 12 pages.

I can establish a format but wanted some input on how you thought a slight variation might look.

Chandles said...

I think that works, the short reviews + whatever each of us wants to include.