Best of the Year Start List (Updated #3)

I'm working on a web-only version of the Year End Review and have been slowly shortlisting films I've heard bounced around as contenders for this year's best releases. I've added a few of my own favourites and have arrived at this....updated, again, again.



A Christmas Carol!

American, The


Art & Copy

Art of the Steal

Bad Lieutenant Port of Call: New Orleans

Baseball: The Tenth Inning

Best Worst Movie

Bright Star


Cold Souls



Exit Through the Gift Shop

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fubar 2


House of the Devil

How to Train Your Dragon



Ip Man


Lorna's Silence


Mesrine Parts 1 & 2

Mid-August Lunch


My Son My Son What Have Ye Done?

North Face

Prophet, A

Red Riding Trilogy

Repo Men


Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Secret in Their Eyes

September Issue

Sherlock Holmes

Shutter Island

Terribly Happy

The Killer Inside Me

The Square

Until the Light Takes Us

Valhalla Rising

White Ribbon

Wild Hunt

Winters Bone 
That's a wrap.


the coelacanth said...

assuming you're talking dvd only, i'd add:

house of the devil
exit through the gift shop
until the light takes us
ip man
fubar 2 (dec. 28, just makes the cut)

so far...

La Sporgenza said...

nice ones....


Anonymous said...

Moon came out this year, wasn't talked about much in last year's review because no one had seen it yet. Definitely deserves to be up there.

Will try and think of more.

Worsenfunk said...

Sherlock Holmes


The Killer Inside Me

Cold Souls


Baseball: The Tenth Inning

Chandles said...

How to Train Your Dragon or A Christmas Carol! You know me, reppin' those kid flicks!

Niki Diamonds said...

Art of the Steal

September Issue


...hmmm I'm missing one... I know it!

Dropkick said...

Winnebago Man
Fubar 2

Britarded said...

- My son, my son what have ye done
- Best worst movie
and shouldn't Fantastic Mr. Fox get a mention?

Britarded said...

The Social Network DVD is estimated for January 2011, it has to go on there too, we'd be dim to miss that one.

the coelacanth said...

January 2011 = next year.

Britarded said...

Joe! Always the token antagonist! I was wondering how the calendar worked with all those months and days and things I got confused, thanks.

Fubar 2 is released December 28th, Social network is estimated for January, could be January 1st, 4 days later and it gets discounted? Hmmmm, how strict are we being exactly regarding theatre releases? Is it DVD only then because I don't think we did that last year? I may be wrong.

Also, can we do a page on over-hyped garbage we hated in this issue? Like a room 101 banishment kind of thing?

La Sporgenza said...

No Social Network. We're trying to establish a bunch of recommended films to rent for the year-end Xmas Holidays. No hardcopy this year either. It will be a web-issue with a printed 1 page in support.