Skynet has become self aware.

Dear Elders,
I feel a contagious ripple of shrugs spreading through my generation. You've got us nailed, you're right. We are all dreamers with art degrees and iPods, Facebook and text messaging. Overgrown teenagers. We consider neuroses a positive character trait, we are douche bags. The funniest thing I've seen this month is a video of an angry Korean man careening down a lift shaft to his death. We call each other hipsters without ever confronting the irony in the fact that the key characteristic of being a hipster is to constantly label others as hipsters in a desperate attempt to set yourself apart. Right now, I'm listening to music that juxtaposes an angular post-rock jazz sensibility with twee and whimsical female vocals... in Japanese. I am by all categorical definitions and imaginable criteria, a dickhead.
However, It's time to embrace the dickhead and let our differences lie. We can't deny that the chasm between us is claiming victims all the time, as 25 year-olds take up knitting and your friends Mum hunts down student boys online we just need to look after each other. There is no real difference between us, the only thing that really changed is our environment, our climate. We construct all these ideas to help make sense of what has happened but in terms of actual, quantifiable change in personality, I don't believe it's so much. And this brings us to what we have to offer and what new things we can bring to film.
Watching Scott Pilgrim Vs The World a couple of weeks ago, I almost felt proud of my generation. We are annoying, but we're not living in a complete cultural void. Things are just happening too fast for us to straddle. We're really not all bad and as things have unfolded we're in a unique position with a whole bunch of phenomena to draw upon creatively. Cue this slew of internet related films and I feel like we're getting in a groove.
When this clip of a Winnebago salesman stressing out gets two million hits on you tube, eventually someone is going to pick up on it. When a bad movie reaches cult status 20 years after it's release and draws its star out from his everyday job as a dentist into an arena where again, he is the star. We need to capture that, I want to see that. And likewise with The Social Network. It's a story of our time, it's a story worth telling. These subjects that some would see as fleeting, are now starting to feel to me as what this era will be remembered for.
“Remember all those movies about McCarthyism/Vietnam/The Internet?”
Who knows, all this attempted wisdom should have probably just stayed in my head, but there I go again. Dickhead.


stonerphonic said...

i feel no irony in saying "hipster dickhead"....

and it's def not an oxymoron by any stretch.


the coelacanth said...

1) please never again link to videos to which i have to "sign in or sign up" to view. if you're going to hyperlink "dickhead", at least do it right.
2) the correct spelling is "there". as in, "there i go again".
3) i just can't dig the pilgrim love. big, big waste of $60 million (!!!) if you ask me. sure it was fun, or whatever, but ultimately i'd rather just play a video game. and i prefer my mutant turtles fighting guys named shredder, bebop, rocksteady, not seven evil fucktards. but they're i go again, living in a fantasy land...
4) i'm with stoner on this one.

Britarded said...

Oh Joe! You are one boring bastard sometimes. I have fixed the things you mentioned, so thanks I suppose.

Wasn't really posting about Scott Pilgrim, just that I'd noticed this trend and gotten this feeling.

Whatever, dickheads.

La Sporgenza said...

1) I agree completely Tom....although truth be told, I just read the first paragraph of your post.

2) Ironically, I no longer understand the term(s) "irony" or "ironic".

3) People who number there spelling/grammar correction comments are the real duckheads... and I should no because their always correctifying my posts to.
So they're! Mr.Prefect Coalecanth

Fuk Sau!

stonerphonic said...

Yup, you were totally right Tommy, and Joe was indeed wrong.

You weren't posting about Scott Pilgrim at all. Hell, you weren't even posting about films. No, you were posting proof that most hipsters are dickheads.

See, I got it...

Next, them old bastards will be complaining that this blog was actually meant to be something as ridiculous as a film buff blog. As if. Like anyone comes here for something as silly as, say, a movie review.


p.s. kudos Joe for the grammar nazi. fuck i hate that kids can't spell without spellcheck or, say, thinking.

La Sporgenza said...

I'd like to complain that this blog was actually intended to be about "films". People come here to read about movies and reviews, not to hear about your ironic indifference to squandering your youth.

Chandles said...

Yeah Scott!

Like that time you posted about the earthquake, or our work schedules, the prelude to the G20, the aftermath of the G20 or your diary entry

Just like that.

La Sporgenza said...

Actually Kendall, it was an attempt at "irony", which, as I mentioned 2 comments up... I'm ceasing to understand its appropriate usage these days.

The "old bastard" comment from the comment immediately above is key to understanding my failed attempt.

....and aren't you working this afternoon?

btw Tom - what is the gender-neutral term for a girl dickhead?

...on second thought, maybe you'd better not answer that.

Chandles said...

Girls just aren't dickheads. Ever. Especially me.

Niki Diamonds said...

Just me.

Britarded said...

Nice to see you all embracing your inner dickhead.

The films I'm referring to are all fun and well worth a watch in my opinion.

- Scott Pilgrim Vs The World
- Winnebago Man
- Best Worst Movie
- The Social Network

And Nick showed me the trailer to Catfish which looked great but he said didn't quite deliver.

Britarded said...

Oh and I totally forget to mention 'I'm still here' (the Joaquin Phoenix thing) another internet movie that was 3/4 good.