Best of the Year Tally


The following is a tally of the average votes garnered for each title we kicked around as candidates for the best of the year. In an effort to rank these choices in a semi-apples-to-apples way, I've divided the list into 3 sections i) Art House Fare, ii) Documentaries and iii) Entertainment. I recognize that some films straddle the Art/Entertainment divide but wanted to somehow deliniate the Scott Pilgrims from the Revanches. Some titles skew up or down with only 1 or 2 ratings, but generally the ranking seems modestly valid in my view.

We have reviews on some, but not others. Does anyone care to pick a couple to do?

Thoughts on the above in the comments section if you'd be so kind.


Art House Fare

Prophet, A 5
Mid-August Lunch 5
Red Riding Trilogy 4.88
Winters Bone 4.88
Bad Lieutenant Port of Call: New Orleans 4.75
Revanche 4.6
Mother 4.5
Valhalla Rising 4.5
White Ribbon 4.5
The Square 4.5
Antichrist 4.33
Mesrine Parts 1 & 2 4.25
Wild Hunt 4.25
Bronson 4.1
$9.99 4
Eclipse 4
Escapist 4
Ip Man 4
Secret in Their Eyes 4
Terribly Happy 3.88
Bright Star 3.75
Lorna's Silence 3.75
The Killer Inside Me 2.83


Exit Through the Gift Shop 4.5
Art of the Steal 4
Baseball: The Tenth Inning 4
Until the Light Takes Us 4
Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage 3.88
Art & Copy 3.75
September Issue 3.67


Fubar 2 4.25
Inception 4.07
American, The 4
Losers 4
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World 4
Shutter Island 4
North Face 3.83
House of the Devil 3.75
Repo Men 3.75
Informant 3.58
A Christmas Carol! 3.5
Cold Souls 3.5
KickAss 3.5
How to Train Your Dragon 3.5
2012 2.75
Sherlock Holmes 2.69
Greenburg 2.33


Britarded said...

Totally agree with the ratings for once, my top 'uns...

Winter's bone
A Prophet
Red Riding: Trilogy

Seems a better year this year?

I'd happily do a review for Revanche if no-one else wants to and one for Until The Light Takes Us is on the way.

the coelacanth said...

i'll do one, or all of, or maybe even none of:

Wild Hunt
Ip Man
Baseball: The Tenth Inning
Fubar 2
House of the Devil

if any of these are already covered, lemme know.

Britarded said...

We forgot.... Collapse

La Sporgenza said...

Yes Joe.... I've got Ip Man covered but none of the rest.

Chandles said...
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Chandles said...

By the by, Greenberg is spelled with an 'e' not a 'u'. Come on guys, if you need help with these things please feel free to ask the Jew.

La Sporgenza said...

You're about as Jewish as Muammar al-Gaddafi Kendall.

Chandles said...

I'd like to direct you to my profile photo. Not a Jew? Pffft.

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La Sporgenza said...

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the coelacanth said...

siiiiiick! got the 6 inch mens!