An [alleged] actual exchange [never happened] at The Film Buff East between me and The Killer [Kris] I work with.

The Killer: Hey manz, have you heard about that banskie film?
Me: Uh?
The Killer: Yeah, check this out. There making a banskie films manz!
Me: What?
The Killer: Yeah! They've announceded it and things.
Me: What...
The Killer: Uh-huh! *pelvic thrusts*
Me:... Butter my arse, what on earth are you talking about?
The Killer: ..................
Me: What the shit is a banskie film!?
The Killer: You know, that street artist, Banskie?

So, apparently there's a Banksy documentary on the way. And the trailer looks truly great, see:

Believe me, this whole conversation does pale somewhat when heard next to Kris's rant about some guy named "Bob Hopskins". Yes, Hopskins. But wait! Then The Killer outdoes everyone by lecturing me on how after the Joy Division singer died they morphed into Depeche Mode, who were apparently even better. Amazing. Niki for manager.


the coelacanth said...

BAHAHAHAHA! thanks, that cheered me up a bit. i'm gonna miss the killer. niki for manager of jilly's.

Niki Diamonds said...

YIPPPEEEE!!!! Vote Niki for East End Manager and Jilly's! (At least I'm getting votes I guess...)

Dropkick said...

Actually Brie Tardson, it was me on both accounts: the hopskins comment and the banksy thing.
this is funny tho... sadly.. it didn't happen

La Sporgenza said...

It's for reasons like this that I want all FBE contact filtered thru Joe.

Just pass along the important stuff Coleslaw.

Britarded said...

Always print the legend!
Seriously though? I was convinced it was The Killer with the Banskie thing. I know the Depeche Mode lecture was definitely from him. You two are blending into one big well of misinformation these days, time to focus.

Chandles said...

Who is The Killer?

Also this Banksy thing looks good. Pretty sure that I'M the one who told Kris about it.